Aaaand we had a tantrum this morning

I have no idea why LO decided to throw a tantrum this morning, but he did. I’m not sure if it’s because we woke him up. Or is it because I went inside his room when normally it’s just him and daddy in the morning. Or is it just one of those days for him. Who knows!

He had about two minutes of calm time before he started calling for Mama, and then it just spiraled out of control from there. He wanted whatever he didn’t or couldn’t have. He wanted milk. When he got it, he didn’t want it anymore. He wanted to read books, then when we started to read, he didn’t want to continue. This went on for everything: he wanted / didn’t want to go outside. He wanted / didn’t want to eat. He wanted / didn’t want to be carried. He wanted / didn’t want play dough. And the whole time he was crying his guts out. Even taking him out to the patio didn’t work.

We decided that we just had to go through the morning and get things done, so that meant putting him in his high chair to eat. Of course he fought this. He threw everything—place mat, book, water cup, bib—all on the floor, and when we would pick it up, he would throw it back down again. So we just left them all on the floor. We even let him eat with lovey, the first time ever, hoping to calm him down. And I would just have to put food in his mouth.

It was sad watching the scenario because I got the sense that he didn’t even like what was happening to him. It was almost like he got possessed by a crying fit and didn’t know how to make it stop. He didn’t know what he wanted or what would help him calm down. It wasn’t like he was crying for a particular reason; he was just a ball of energy that needed some crying out.

How did it finally end? He noticed that the song on the stereo was playing “ABC.” In between his crying fits he would say, “ABC… (hiccup)… (sob)… ABC.” I told my husband, “Can you turn up the music so he could hear the ABC song?” And he correctly reminded me, “If we turn up the music, he’ll just get louder.” Then he turns to LO and says, “Can you hear the music? It’s hard to hear it when you’re crying.” LO started to calm down to listen to the music, and after a while amidst his crying was requesting, “yellow song… (sob, sob) yellow song…”

The yellow song

Some back story: on Saturday, LO was having another breakdown when we went to a family BBQ reunion at a park. We had to leave with him crying and throwing his arms and legs. And what finally calmed him down in the car? He happened to notice that the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine” playing in the car. He started laughing and laughing, saying, “Yellow ‘rine!” whenever the chorus would play.

So this morning, he was asking for the yellow song, and thankfully listening to the song (over and over) calmed him down to the point where he was voluntarily eating, he even stopped crying, and he went back to normal. After he finished his yogurt, I gave him a book to help transition him away from his high chair. Then my husband asked him, “Do you want to play with play dough?” And that got LO excited enough to leave his high chair on his own.

Phew! What a morning. Poor kiddo; I hope he doesn’t go through this too often.


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