Walking through Fern Dell and chickens with Grandma

We spent a sunny afternoon walking through Fern Dell is Griffith Park. The trail is short, flat, and beautiful—perfect for little kids! The tall trees offered plenty of shade and breeze that it didn’t feel hot at all. LO was excited to see the streams flowing with water. He picked up sticks and leaves as usual, and we would stop at benches and eat our food. I always feel better being out in nature, and I’m sure so does LO.

After the trail, we visited his Grandma. He had a blast! He played with his cousin’s toys, and he was very pleasant and talkative, always smiling at everyone. He even ran up and gave his Grandma a kiss and hug all on his own; I love when he does that! Later in the day, we went outside to feed the chickens and pick some figs, lemons and cactus fruit. The chickens were going after LO because he was carrying a small peach in his hand and they were hungry. I was scared of them too!

His relatives were impressed that he ate “regular people” food; that he didn’t grimace or shun Grandma’s zucchini stir fry and Spanish rice. He eats most everything we cook, and we cook a variety of food, so I think that helps him be open to any sort of food presented to him.

What a great day to spend with my two guys!


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