He made up for yesterday

Just as I was bracing myself for a patience-testing day with LO based on yesterday’s fiascos, today ended up being one of the smoothest days I’ve had with him. The morning already started off great with us getting LO up at… 8:30am. Yup, we got 1.5 hours of sleeping in. Or rather, lying down and lounging in bed (not sure if he was actually sleeping or not, but rest is good!).

Throughout the whole day, he was so sweet and loving. He would run up to me and give me a kiss and hug. Or he would smother his stuffed animals with kisses. He even told his dad “La la you.” So sweet.

Food-wise, he was great. He didn’t keep demanding more food just to demand, and in fact he even stopped eating mid-meal twice, saying “ba ba” (“down” in Tagalog), opting to play instead. He liked all his food and didn’t complain.

He was patient when I had to do other things, and entertained himself very well with his toys, like his crayons, dominoes, and puzzles.

We also had fun outings. We went to the park and met up with my neighbor friend who also has a son the same age as him. He was so happy go lucky, just sitting on my lap, or playing with the toys or leaves or whatever he could entertain himself with at the playground. Later, we swam in the pool, where he loved it when I dribbled water down his face (?!). And even later, we went to the wooden trail and got to walk in nature for a little bit.

No tantrums. All love. He even napped (even though it was for only 40 minutes). Today we were all smiles!


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