Boy am I glad it’s 7:30

It was one of those “Boy am I glad it’s 7:30” days. LO was acting up a little bit, thankfully nothing outrageous, and thankfully again that it was just for the last two hours of the day (he was perfectly fine earlier). But it all started out with a kitchen cupboard. Yesterday, LO banged a kitchen cupboard pretty loudly, and we had to reprimand him and tell him not to do that anymore. So today, whether it was by accident or whether he remembered being told no, he banged the same kitchen cupboard a few times. He cried again when I told him we don’t bang kitchen cupboards.

He then proceeded to take his anger out on the magnets on the fridge. He grabbed one and threw it on the floor. Of course I told him we don’t throw magnets on the floor. Cry, cry, cry. Then a few minutes of being fine, then back to the magnets to throw some more on the floor.

Poor, magnets...

Then it was time to eat. He needs to put lovey on the couch because lovey doesn’t belong on the dining table. He wouldn’t do it, and he would cry. The weird thing is he would say, “Lovey… couch.” Then I would say, “Yes, want to put lovey on the couch so you can eat?” And he would proceed to cry.

He didn’t end up putting lovey on the couch; she was on the floor and I didn’t want to make a struggle out of it so I just finally put him in his chair. He was fine for the most part, until he wanted more and more and more food. Normally I’m very accommodating when it comes to giving him food when he asks—I don’t want any food issues for him when he grows up! But first he was eating his cheese tortellini and grapes. Once those ran out, he wanted more, so I gave him bread. He finished a slice, and wanted more. So I chopped up his veggies, which he ate. At this point, he was already so full. Not only did he eat a lot, he was burping and being very slow about eating. There were points where he would wait a whole minute between taking bites. That just told me that he wasn’t interested in eating. But every time I would start to get him up from his chair, he would cry.

He was otherwise fine in his chair so I was okay with letting him take his time (even though I was bored and irritated at this point already). But after sitting at the dining table for an hour, and only having 30 minutes left before bath time, I cut him off. He fussed, and he fussed all the way to the bathroom, but once he was washing his hands, he was fine. And after that, we just read until it was time to take a bath. He was such a “rebel” today that instead of fighting us about taking a bath, he was crying about wanting to take a bath! Hey, some tantrums come in handy I guess.

What a strange day. It’s almost like he was self-inflicting or finding ways to get in trouble. And I know that we’ve experienced worse, it’s just that we’ve been having a streak of perfect days that it’s disconcerting to remember what a tantrum looked like. Let’s hope tomorrow is better!


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