My little Van Gogh

Who says you need an easel to paint?

Today I bought LO a paint brush from the art store; just an inexpensive one but still good quality and sturdy. I taped up a big white piece of paper on our kitchen wall and squirted some washable paint into plastic cups for him to dip the brush into. I even forgone a smock and made one myself using a plastic trash bag. At first LO didn’t want to put it on, but I had him touch it, and I even put it on myself, and eventually once he wore it completely, he laughed at what he was wearing! He actually looked so cute to me—he looked like an angel or someone who wearing a graduation gown. So cute!

This was his first time using a brush, so I showed him how to dip it into the cups to get paint and apply it to the paper. Unfortunately a lot of his fascination with the brush was with how the paint was on the brush bristles, so he ended up touching the bristles so much that his hands were just as dirty as if he were finger painting. But he still did use the brush to paint and we ended up with a nice painting that’s still hanging in the kitchen!


Earlier on our walk, LO and I were finding anything yellow. There really wasn’t too much around our neighborhood, but we did manage to spot yellow flowers, a yellow sign, a yellow fire hydrant., and yellow marks on the sidewalk. The cool thing though was that at first it was me finding all the yellow things, but after a while LO was the one finding yellow things that I missed. He would point out, “yellow light” or “yellow circle.” I’m hoping he’ll learn the habit of being inquisitive and notice little things around him.


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