A typical menu

I thought I would write down a typical daily menu that LO has been eating:

For breakfast, he eats strawberries and yogurt on the days when I work in the office and we drop him off at my aunt’s. On Fridays and Sundays when we have more time, he eats oatmeal with banana or strawberries. And Saturdays are pancake Saturdays with fruit.

For his snacks, I try to stick to non-fruits: either mixed veggies from the frozen veggies bag, baked beans, sweet potato, hard boiled egg, a slice of bread with peanut butter, cottage cheese.

For lunch, he’ll eat what we eat, so today he’s having chicken noodle soup. Same goes for dinner—he’ll have herbed artichoke cheese tortellini. For each of these meals, he’ll have a side of fruit to go along with it. Today he’s having a plum, a banana and three figs.

I try to limit his fruit intake. He eats about four fruits a day which is a bit much for me, so I try to balance it out with non-fruit snacks. I don’t want him to develop too much of a sweet tooth like his mama!


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