I wish I could buy all these things!

There are so many things I wish I could buy for LO but can’t bring myself to fork over the money. For instance:

An easel
Right now LO does his coloring on our coffee table and the few times he finger paints on the kitchen floor. Then I think how cool it would be to have an easel that he can use regularly! Plus it’s an open-ended toy that encourages art and creative play. But then I think, “We can just tape up his large pieces of paper on the kitchen wall.” This would work at least for the painting since the paints are washable.

A bookcase
I love how forward bookcase shows the covers of the books. But then LO can pick out books based on the book’s spine, so then I wonder if it’s even worth it.

Table and chairs
I’ve always liked the idea of having furniture sized to the child. He would be able to color and write on the table, sit and stand as he wishes. This one matches his furniture too. The only downside I can think of for this is that it’s not absolutely necessary.

I really wanted to get this for LO because I loved how it was sized to him. But then I thought that probably the better way for him to be interested and learn piano is with a real piano, not a toy one. There are ways to prop him on the bench and let him bang away at the keys. We don’t have a piano now but my mom does so he likes to play over there. And who knows, if he’s really interested as an older kid, maybe we’ll get one ourselves. I would love for LO to play an instrument, and I can help him learn to play it too.

We’re very likely going to buy this kitchen set, either for his birthday or Christmas. He absolutely loves tinkering with cabinets and drawers in our kitchen. I love how it’s sized to him, and it’s an open-ended toy that allows for creative play.

This is another toy that we will likely buy, but perhaps once LO is older. It’s an open-ended toy, and I can imagine him having fun stacking things, knocking things down, building cities and cars and who knows what else. For now he has a box of dominoes that he likes to manipulate. He puts them in the box and moves them around, puts them in his clear jar.

This isn’t exactly a toy, but one time LO and I were walking around the neighborhood, and the sound of chimes that a neighbor had hung caught our attention. I liked how the chimes had deep tones instead of the usual high, clackety sound that more resembled a pile of pipes to me. I found this particular one that I listened to online and it had the same deeper tones. We also have plenty of hooks in our patio to hang this up, and ample winds to make sure we hear something. But it’s so darn expensive! And I never would’ve considered chimes before. And do I really need it?

This list doesn’t even count all the “cheaper” items I’d love to get: paint and paintbrushes, role play costumes, puppets, pretend food, tons of books, a crawl-through tunnel, the list goes on. I can’t let myself just buy everything because 1) it’s not prudent to just spend money frivolously, and 2) LO needs to learn the value of things, and how can he learn that when he’s inundated with too many toys? So for now this list remains a wish list, to be written off little by little!


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