Sad and sweet at the same time

This morning, LO was in good spirits when we were driving to my aunt’s. But once we got there, he cried and clung on to me. When I asked him, “Why are you sad?” He said, “bye bye.” I said, “You’re sad because Mama’s going to go bye bye. But I’m going to pick you up at three.” Somehow that calmed him down, and my aunt showed him things in her place that caught his interest: a new fan, the chair he likes to spin, his crayons and paper.

I stayed with him until he calmed down, since it looked like he was actually going to calm down. He finally settled down with his crayons and paper, and I even caught a little smile while he was drawing. I stayed quiet for most of this time so that he gets used to being here without me. Then tentatively I told him, “Mama’s going to go now. Kiss Mama bye bye?” And he said, “bye bye” but much happier and he did indeed give me a kiss.

It’s sweet to know that if if he had it his way, we’d spend the whole day together. Too bad I couldn’t stick around, but it’s a good idea to explain the situation to him in a way that he can understand.


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