Spending time outdoors

What’s the best way to remedy a grouchy disposition? Spending time outdoors! I don’t know what it is about being outdoors, but LO loves spending time outdoors even if he’s grouchy. He was cranky this morning, so I took him outside to the patio before leaving for my aunt’s. His mood turned around right away. Of course there are times when even a gorgeous day outside still won’t cheer him up completely, but he’s always in a better mood, even if just slightly.

On the patio, we’ll blow bubbles, play with Play-Doh (perfect for outdoors—no need to pick up bits and pieces off of the carpet!), play with rocks, or his push cars, or chase him back and forth. He also has his rake and shovel even though there’s nothing to rake and shovel out there, so he just pretends. I also try to eat outside with him, so I’ll lay out our picnic blanket and he’ll sit next to me and take his snack there.

When we’re not on our patio, we walk around the neighborhood. LO likes to push the sprinklers that are sticking up. He’ll point out walls and say what color they are. And if we have more time, we walk to the park where he can play on the playground, the sand box, run on the grass, run around the tennis courts, or walk on the trail. He also sees little critters like snails, ants and roly polies. Recently we took a bucket of chalk with us and he had a blast writing on the floor.

This weekend we go to the beach again, which I’m sure he’ll love. I’ll also take him out to the pool, especially now that it’s blazing hot. I try to make sure he gets about an hour of outdoor time each day, and I find that he can easily meet that goal and even stay out a bit longer!


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