Our little storyteller

Yesterday, LO heard my aunt was telling her daughter that she and LO along with another man from the building were in the elevator. The elevator didn’t move for a few seconds, and so the man pressed the button again, and only then did it move. Later, LO would retell the story to me and my aunt, and it’s so cute the way he does it. He doesn’t say sentences yet, so his storytelling is choppy: “e-to-to (elevator)… man… up down… move… press… button… tita…” His face was so intent on telling the story too.

Later that day, we were reading The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown, and it’s about a bunny who was trying to figure out what was inside the egg. The duck inside the egg kept trying to peck his way out of the egg. There was also a point where the bunny fell asleep. LO has been so engrossed in this book and loves to retell it over and over: “egg… peck peck peck… bunny… sleep… foot… out… duck…”

So cute!


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