Why we don’t let our toddler watch TV

We don’t really LO watch too much TV. Probably the only times he ‘s ever seen the TV on is when there’s an important soccer game on that my husband has to watch. Usually I’ll take LO out of the room, and even if he’s in the same room, he thankfully doesn’t stare at it like a zombie. We’re following the AAP’s recommendation of no TV before the age of two, and honestly I can see us not having TV even once he does turn two.

I’ve read so many arguments against TV that the few benefits that it does have are outweighed, or can be sought elsewhere. For instance, if a show is supposed to be educational, I would think he can find other resources such as books, people, or real-life environments just as educational. I’ve also heard that young babies don’t understand the concept of the way a scene is edited. For instance, one scene can show someone’s face, and the next scene just cuts to the other actor, instead of panning over to the other actor. And kids can’t differentiate between ads and the truth until a much later age; they end up thinking that these commercials are facts and not sales pitches. I also heard that even if they’re not watching TV but it’s on in the background, their attention span gets cut in half! So let’s say the TV is off and LO is playing with a puzzle. He might normally play with it for six minutes. If the TV was on, he would play with it for three minutes.

If LO asks to watch TV when he’s older, I’ll let him watch some with me sitting right next to him, and we can talk about the show during and afterward. But I can’t imagine myself encouraging the TV when he hasn’t asked for it. Some parents need to turn the TV on so that they can get stuff done, but thankfully LO can “zone out” on other activities and toys fairly well, such as books, or his magnets, his shape sorters, his fire truck, his hammer and balls, even a tupperware!

The technology that I am pretty bad with though is computers! I work from home a bit so it’s inevitable that LO will see me on the computer. He doesn’t clamor to see it for himself too much, because I hardly ever sit him on my lap when I’m on my computer. I try to save my computer time for when he’s not with me so that he doesn’t think it’s all I ever do. So far, LO isn’t addicted to TV or computers, and I hope it stays that way!


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