This is what happens when we both take the day off

LO had a doctor’s appointment this past Friday, which I use as an excuse to take the day off from work. My husband decided to do the same, so we ended up with an awesome family day.

The appointment was a follow-up to measure his progress with words. The doctor was very pleased to learn that LO is now speaking hundreds of words; too many to bother even counting. And LO got the controversial MMR shot. We’ve been delaying our shots so that he doesn’t get too many at one time, and have delayed this particular one because of the rumors that it’s tied with autism. Even though my logical brain said that there is no link, there is no denying the anxiety that it comes with, especially when LO wasn’t saying too many words. Once he showed that he wasn’t displaying any of the symptoms of autism and is speaking regularly, I felt loads better about letting him have that shot.

Well that part wasn’t all too fun for LO, but he was a brave boy and we were giving him words for his feelings, saying, “Does it hurt?” and he would respond, “hurt.” Afterwards though we stopped by a deli to order some sandwiches, went home, and laid out our picnic blanket on the patio. My husband and I ate our sandwiches while LO snacked on veggies. Nothing like eating outdoors!

After his nap (and yes, he actually took one), we went to the beach again. This time we were able to stay a while, about two hours. LO ate his lunch of mac n cheese, and he walked along the beach, played with his sand toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid nag a parent about wanting to leave a beach, and I can see why. The breeze was calming, the sun weathers you out, there’s a ton of things to look at and play with.

We eventually did go home to rest up and change, then headed to the mall to buy a few things and clothes for LO. We also treated ourselves to a smoothie. I brought along LO’s cup so that he can share with mine. He doesn’t drink from a cup regularly yet, and smoothies are great to practice with because they’re slower to spill than water (although messier to clean!).

I love days when we mix it up with doing regular things and hanging out at home with irregular things like going to the beach.


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