Fela-bration at UCLA

This past Saturday, UCLA Fowler Museum presented a musical show celebrating Fela Kuti in conjunction with the Nigerian exhibit that was coming to an end. I went with LO, my aunt and my cousin to catch some of it. When we got there, they had a girl singing mostly blues type of acoustic music on a guitar. They had mats that you could borrow so that you sit down on the grass, so we took some and fed LO his lunch while we listened to the music. When he finished, we toured the exhibit, and they had children’s crafts in the courtyard. The activities were face painting and mask-making, both of which are probably too old for LO. He was more amused by the fountain in the middle, so once we left the museum, we toured the rest of the campus looking for fountains.

Looking back now, I can’t believe I let LO walk all that much, and climb all those stairs! Plus he skipped his nap! But he showed no signs of fussiness, and enjoyed being outdoors and running. When we reached the third fountain all the way up on north campus by the sculpture garden, we were beat. We sat in front of the fountain in the shade and gave LO his watermelon to snack on.

When we headed back, they were playing African drum music back at Fowler, which I wish we saw instead. It was still fun, and on the drive back, LO even fell asleep! He hasn’t fallen asleep in the car in a very long time, so he must have been really pooped out. When we got home, my husband was there, so we cooked fish chowder and served my aunt and cousin some dinner along with the mac n cheese leftovers. They brought some cake that we treated ourselves to as well.

Earlier that day, he was also very fun to hang out with. We did mostly errands; he went with me to the ATM, then we bought two potatoes at the grocery. He liked holding onto one potato and walking with it up to the cash register. After the grocery, he accompanied me to the library where I picked up some DVDs and a CD. All throughout, he was very accommodating and didn’t fuss, which I was afraid he was because these were activities that weren’t really geared towards him. I guess so long as you involve him in the errands (“Hold the potato!”) he considers it fun.


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