We cut his hair!

A few weeks ago we snipped a few inches from the back of LO’s hair. He had a heat rash on hisback, and his long hair was irritating him. Then yesterday, we snipped a few more inches off from the front and sides because his hair was getting into his eyes and ears. Thankfully LO has curly and wavy hair so that we don’t have to be precise with the trims. His hair sort of just gets combed to the side where it’ll wave and have that tousled look. So that means we laypersons can cut his hair at home for free instead of getting it cut at a salon!

He looks cute with his shorter hair. You probably wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking out for his new ‘do because it’s so subtle. But at least he won’t have to bother with getting hair into his face anymore. I also saved his first strands of hair in an envelope. You know, for the scrapbooking that I never do?


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