I wish every day was like this

LO didn’t nap today, and cried the whole time he was in his crib.

Okay, I got that out of the way, because it was actually the only thing that wasn’t great about this otherwise wonderful day LO and I had together. We went to the library, the beach, Babies R Us and the park. He ate all his food with no complaints. He was sweet and obedient. He laughed a lot, and said silly things like, “How do you do, honeydew?” (we were eating honeydew).

His dad wasn’t going to make it home in time for bath, and so when I laid him down after the bath, he said, “Dada, please.” He was missing his dad.

I’m so glad he’s back to his normal, sweet self. The month of June was insane because he pretty much acted up that whole time, likely due to us moving to a new place. He doesn’t throw fits at my aunt’s anymore, either.


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