We can do laundry together now!

Who says that milestones are only measured by how many teeth LO has or whether he walks or talks? One milestone we celebrated yesterday is being able to do laundry together!

I know other parents are able to do laundry with their babies from day one, but in our family, laundry was always a challenge. First off, we live in an apartment building where the washers and dryers aren’t in our unit, and they’re on a separate floor. That required us to leave our unit and take the elevator up and down. Not very convenient.

When LO was a newborn, we tried wrapping him up in a Moby to do laundry. Although that left us with our hands free, we couldn’t bend down too low to pick up the wet clothes from the bottom of the washer in order to place them in the dryer. We also tried putting him in a stroller, but pushing a stroller and carrying a hamper-full of clothes proved difficult. I even tried a crazy maneuver where I put LO flat down in his stroller lying down and put the hamper across the foot part of the stroller. That let me push LO and the hamper at the same time, but LO cried after a while, probably wondering why there is a huge hamper on top of him.

So to be able to just walk down with LO, me carrying the hamper, him happily accompanying me down to the laundry room, is such a feat! Now we don’t have to wait until he’s asleep to wash his clothes. My baby is definitely getting older!


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