Scribbling with Magna Doodle

LO doesn’t seem to like scribbling with crayons the way other kids do. He gives it a shot, but he ends up holding the crayon horizontally, or he tries to put it in his mouth. He does the same with his Magna Doodle. So I was very surprised yesterday when he started scribbling on his Elmo Magna Doodle. He also used both hands, which makes me wonder whether he really is right-handed. The cutest part is when he would doodle and once in a while, point to it and say “moon,” or “M,” or “C.” One of them, “M,” actually did kind of look like an M, but for the most part, it was his way of drawing and identifying what he was drawing. I’m not sure if he really saw a moon or whether he was copying me (because I would always identify what it was that I was drawing). Either way, I thought it was adorable that he was telling me what it was that he just drew!


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