Martha Stewart-ing with a toddler

I’ve been channeling my inner Martha Stewart and finding activities for LO and I to do when we’re home. Since the weather was warm today, I made sponge balls out of regular sponges cut into strips and tied tightly in the middle. I filled a clear bowl with water and showed LO how the sponges soak up the water. He also learned that sponges can drop all over you; thankfully he didn’t have his t-shirt on, but did end up soaking his shorts, socks and shoes. He also liked squeezing the water and letting the water drip into our pot of chrysanthemums. Poor chrysanthemums—whenever they suffer from his hands they end up snipped and flopping everywhere!

We’ve also been finger-painting hearts and butterflies. I strip him down to his diaper, prop him into his high chair and let him go at it. Unfortunately he has taken to pressing his face into the artwork and getting paint all over his face. Sometimes he likes it so much he even licks the paint. Yum.

One of LO’s favorite activities is taking a walk around the neighborhood and picking up leaves. One day, I brought along a zip loc bag and collected all the leaves he picked up. When we got home, “we” (aka, I) made a leaf poster that we’ve since hung in his room.

LO absolutely loved making “clouds” out of cotton balls. I cut out paper into the shape of a cloud, spread glue all over it, and showed LO how to glue the cotton balls onto the paper. He loves how the little cotton balls feel and thinks they’re just the cutest things, so this activity was filled with lots of squeals and smiles. When Daddy came home, he even brought the cloud to him to look at. We also hung this one in his room.


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