No more keys to the old apartment

We’ve officially said good-bye to our old apartment by returning our keys. In honor of our first home, below are some of our fondest (and not so fondest) memories of the place:

  • LO opening and closing the pantry door, pointing to the mop and trying to say “mop.” It came out as “mom” though!
  • Getting our bedroom wall torn down because of the neighbor’s pipes downstairs.
  • Ant infestation! Especially right after LO was born because they liked all the breast milk. Gross.
  • Tiptoeing to sleep. Since we shared the one bedroom with LO, we had to tiptoe into our bed after he was already long asleep. My husband would turn off the lights in the living room, and I would turn on the nightlight. I would open the door and he would close the door. I usually turned off the heater.
  • Having LO’s crib by the wall next to the door, and with a mobile for when he was really small. My husband would place a chair next to the crib and read while LO settled down.
  • Sleeping in the living room on an air mattress. This was initiated when we were doing sleep training.
  • Hanging black trash bags over the bedroom windows while we were sleep training. Total crack house style.
  • An mp3 file of nothing but static noise. It started off as one hour, then we looped it to two hours, then finally six hours.
  • Our herbs on the balcony being attacked by birds. A fake owl didn’t work. Black netting didn’t work. Only covering the plants with bamboo worked.
  • LO always wanting to go down the side stairs instead of the elevator.
  • LO leaving a leaf outside the door after a walk around the block.
  • Having people over for dinner, with course meals for them cooked from scratch.
  • Our carpet getting messed up once LO was born.
  • LO pulling us into the closet which we called his clubhouse.
  • LO closing and opening the bedroom door propped with the boppy and a tissue box.
  • LO putting Lovey on the couch before meals (still does it!).
  • Lo eating in the baby swing—our first “high chair.”
  • LO looking at the dining room light’s reflection in our framed picture.
  • LO laying down on a blanket and the “shrimp” pillow behind the couch while we ate.
  • Our neighbors: Crazy Lady, Persian people, Big White Lady, Black Lady, Indian Abe Lincoln, JC Penney, Whistler, Black-White Guy, Indian Family, Retired Cop-Pilot-Fireman, College Students, Beehive Lady, Argentinian Lady
  • Downstairs lady who said we were dropping the toilet seat
  • Giving LO a “tour” of the apartment
  • Chore lists
  • Putting LO by the big window when he was jaundiced
  • Watching How I Met Your Mother and Lost
  • Keeping clothes in the entry way closet
  • LO pointing to the big window and small window
  • LO running around the couch
  • LO putting Lovey on the carpet before going in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Toilet that clogs a lot
  • Reading after dinner
  • Bedtime routine: Daddy bathes LO, lays him down on the bed with towels, I dry, lotion and diaper him with cream, put on pajamas, Daddy reads to LO, Daddy says goodnight to things in the room, I put away books and trash, Daddy hands LO to me and I sing him a lullaby.

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