Starting early with chores

My husband and I plan to raise LO to expect chores and without compensation either. I want to encourage him to even like chores while he’s still young, and to garner a sense of accomplishment from having done them. One chore he does—if he’s holding onto Lovey—is to put her on the couch before eating time. He now knows to do this and will sometimes even do so without being told. He also has to put Lovey, again if he’s holding her, in his crib before we step out of the house.

A second chore I started this week is to put his clothes in the hamper. After changing or removing clothes, I ask him to help Mama open the closet door. I then hand him his clothes one at a time and ask him to put them inside the hamper. The cutest thing is that if he misses or doesn’t completely put the whole shirt inside the hamper, he’ll fix it until the whole shirt is inside!

As he grows older, he can expect to have more responsibilities and to contribute to the household with age-appropriate chores.


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