Playtime activities

Yesterday I initiated two fun activities for LO that he enjoyed. For the first activity, I placed a Lego block inside a clear snap-on jar. I asked him, “How are we going to get the toy out?” He fiddled around with it a bit, and then I showed him how to open the lid as well as remove the block. He loved opening and closing the lid (surprise, surprise) to which I would say, “open,” and “close.” And whenever he took the block in and out of the jar, I said “in,” and “out.” He would also chime in with “in!”

For the second activity, I filled a large glass bowl with a little bit of water and placed a sponge inside. His first reaction was to just splash his hands in the bowl. Then I showed him that when we dip the sponge inside, it soaks up water, and when we squeeze it, the water squeezes out too. I didn’t think he was interested in squeezing because he didn’t do it right away, but a few minutes later he squeezed the sponge on his own and could see that the water trickled out of it. We both got our clothes wet but I’m glad he’s able to learn new things with activities such as these.


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