Family Traditions

I’ve always heard the benefits of having family traditions, from daily traditions to once-a-year celebrations. My husband and I both grew up in large families filled with traditions that I’d like to continue. I also want to start new traditions for my own little family. Below are some ideas that we already do or can do:


Meal times together
Every meal time, the three of us sit around the table and eat together. Since LO is still so young, this is often a messy time, but I love the fact that we share mealtimes together. No TV, no leaving before everyone’s finished, and lots of sharing and talking.

Bedtime starts with my husband giving LO a bath. Then he takes him to his new room and reads bedtime stories while I dress LO up in his pajamas. Daddy carries LO around the room saying “Good night” to things and then hands him to me for a lullaby before finally sleeping.

Evening tea
In our new apartment, we have a great view of the sunset, so right after LO is asleep, we brew tea and sip it while watching the sunset. It’s also our breather time when we can finally kick our feet up and relax.


Pancake breakfast
Every Saturday morning, either my husband or I whip up a pancake breakfast usually with strawberries (although now we will start using blueberries).


Birthday cake
In my husband’s family, his mom makes a cake for the celebrant—whichever cake they want. Once LO can request cake, I plan to do this for his birthday too.

Christmas traditions
Presents, picking out a Christmas tree, Eve with extended family, Day with immediate family… many traditions here.

Below are some ideas I found online or have observed that I’d like to try.

Hopefuls and thankfuls
Before LO was born, my husband and I would always toast to something we were thankful for. I just realized that we don’t do this nearly as often as we should, so we definitely need to get back to doing this. I also like the idea of toasting at breakfast to what we’re hopeful for in the coming day.

Pizza night
I read on a mom board recently that this mom and her family do pizza night every Friday to get rid of leftovers! What a clever idea. I’d like to do something similar, even if it’s not to get rid of leftovers. Once LO is older, we can even do pizza and movie night.

Christmas song
On the day after Thanksgiving Day, it would be nice, well… first of all, if we had a piano… but secondly, if LO can choose a new Christmas song to play on the piano. He can practice between Thanksgiving and Christmas on playing that song, before finally performing in front of guests at a “recital.”

New Year’s Day
On New Year’s Day, we can visit either a children’s hospital or a nursing home to say hello to people and wish them well on a new year.

Halloween pumpkin patch
I wasn’t able to attend last year’s pumpkin patch but definitely plan to do so this year. LO can pick out a pumpkin that we can decorate and maybe make pumpkin pie or bread out of the insides.

Art gallery
Every year, most kids collect enough art pieces from school for a gallery… so we can host a gallery night where they can display their art work and even sell them for ten, twenty-five cents a pop. A great way to clear out the year’s worth of art pieces without dumping them in the trash.

Monday night board game
Again, once LO is older, we can play family board games every Monday.

Call Grandma, Lola and Lolo
This idea popped in my head for some reason: every Sunday night, LO can give his Grandma, Lola and Lolo a call to say hello. We don’t see them as often as our other siblings, so it would be nice to touch base on a regular basis.

Pictures with Mom or Dad on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
Pictures of LO with just Mom or just Dad every year.

Green milk on Saint Patty’s Day
It’s no beer, but probably more fun to drink!

Thanksgiving family journal
I’d love to buy a beautiful journal that each family member writes on. Every Thanksgiving, each person writes what they were thankful for most for the year, or their favorite memory. This will be a great idea especially once LO learns how to write.


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