New Moon

LO started saying “moon” the other day! He’ll now say it over and over, pointing to as many moons he can find. Other words on his list include: eight, up, and oso (“bear” in Spanish). So far he has 14 true words! He has a slew of other words he imitates; so many that I’ve lost count! Whenever he picks up a word and realizes that he’s communicating to us, his face lights up with a smile.

Other new things: we moved! We now live in a two-bedroom unit in the other building so that LO can have his own room. He seems to adapt to it and is hopefully realizing that this is his permanent place now. I know he really enjoyed our previous apartment, but I’m sure he’ll develop new memories in the new apartment as well. In honor of our first home, I plan to write up a blog about our memories there.


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