Working 13-hour days

Between parenting and our paid jobs, my husband and I easily work at least 13-hour days. Every day. For 19 months now.

We all wake up by 7am every morning, weekends not excluded. Weekday mornings are rough as we’re scrambling to make ourselves presentable, have something in our tummies, and all the while entertain, clean, feed and clothe LO for the day. By 9am, LO is at my aunt’s, but that doesn’t mean we get to kick back at home and relax— we move on with our paid jobs.

In my case, when I get home with LO around 3:30pm, I’m working double-time because I’m still working from home on my computer while at the same time making sure he’s fed, clean, entertained and other things that toddlers need.

And even once he’s asleep by 7:30, we’re still cleaning, cooking, packing his meal for the next day, and other errands that come up, like laundry.

It is no joke that parents have the hardest job. There’s little room for breaks, and this job isn’t something that you can (or should) quit on.


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