Fun family weekend

The LO of Mother’s Day weekend retreated and made way for the friendly, social LO of this past weekend. Saturday started off with LO accompanying us first to the optometrist where I picked up my eyeglasses, and then to Costco, which initially I planned not to bring him along. I mean, big box store and little tiny toddler don’t make a good combination. But surprisingly, LO sat in his cart and enjoyed the experience. Normally he doesn’t like sitting in carts! But we were quick, we had a list, and we knew where to go. He even stayed patient while I ordered my contact lenses.

In the afternoon, we attended his cousin S’s first birthday party. The event was held in the backyard which was well-enclosed. There wasn’t much mischief he could get into. He truly enjoyed himself. He smiled at everyone, especially (get ready) at my husband’s cousin’s wife whom he would run up to, smile, and then bashfully run away from, only to do the same thing about five times! He even went inside the jumper, despite not having me or his dad in it with him. He also really liked opening and closing the cooler and feeling the cold ice inside. There were also plenty of balloons that he would run up to and laugh at, as well as sprinklers along the grass that he would inspect. He ate his risotto and watermelon with no complaint, and left the party in good spirits.

The next day, we started off as usual with the farmers market. He of course loved sampling the fruits. We went home so that he can snack and take a nap. I headed out to the grocery almost when I was expecting his nap to end, so I was surprised to come home and find that he was still asleep! He was down for an hour and 45 minutes!

When he woke up, his aunt L and cousin A came by to visit and because my husband wanted to take A to a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf place. LO and I tagged along, so that while they were playing, I pushed him around in a stroller. The first thing I did was find a comfortable spot where I could feed him his lunch. I found the perfect couches and table area that provided LO a great view of a water fountain, an escalator, and a juggler! What more can you ask for?

We were there for about 40 minutes but he probably could have stayed there for much longer with all the sights he was seeing. But I wanted him to get out of his stroller, so I let him walk around while I pushed the empty stroller alongside him. The outdoor mall wasn’t crowded, had wide walkways and was completely enclosed. The only concerns I had were the few escalators we’d run into. Otherwise LO was safe to run around. He enjoyed looking down at the street below, inspecting the drains and doors we would pass, and again would wave and smile at practically everyone we passed. Some people wouldn’t see him waving at them so I would say out loud, “Hi!” so that they would notice him and smile back. Other people would initiate saying hi to him and he would smile and wave back as well.

It’s so enjoyable when LO’s mood is in high spirits. What a great way to spend a weekend.


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