Speech evaluation

Friday was our first speech evaluation. The office was conveniently located 15 minutes walking distance to us, so I pushed LO in his stroller in time for our appointment. The first session involved many, many questions about his general development and speech (Does he jargon? What words does he say?). I came prepared with my list that not only included his true words (only five at this point) but his imitation words, his sounds, his gestures and his signs.

LO took to the speech therapist very well. Right away he held her hand and would smile at her throughout the one hour appointment. Mostly he played with the cabinets that were in the room, or he would tinker with the toys they provided.

She does recommend going forward with speech therapy. He’s great with receptive communication (he understands everything we say) but could use some help with expressive communication. She mentioned that his dual language may contribute to his delay. She also recommended that we not readily provide him with what he wants, but to encourage him to ask for it, even if it’s just the sound of “mmm” for “more.”

I’m excited about the therapy. Hopefully they’ll help him catch up to his peers. And at least the office is walking distance to us!


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