He still loves reading

Eighteen months on, and LO still loves reading. Now he will even pick out his favorites, come up to us, and sit on our lap wanting to read together. He’s been wanting to read on our laps more than on his own. I’m sure he likes the comfort and bonding time that affords him.

He’s really interested in the library books we borrow for him. I tend to borrow five to ten at a time; any more than that and I have a hard time keeping track of them! The “new” books probably give him more variety from his own books.

He’s even into regular paper books, not just board books. Before, whenever we’d get a paper book, he would end up ripping a page. Now he can turn the pages and not be tempted to tear them apart. Out of all the activities we do, reading is probably the one that takes up most of the time.

I hope that he carries that love for reading throughout his school years. I would love to see him devour the books he’s assigned in school, and even read non-assigned books for leisure. For me, I liked reading sure enough and got good grades, but it’s only after college unfortunately that I read for fun. Hopefully LO will read for fun throughout all his life.


One thought on “He still loves reading

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