Short-term goals

Whenever I see or hear about what other kids LO’s age are doing, I make a mental note to encourage that with him. For instance, I saw a video of LO’s play mate scooping his food with a spoon. The pediatrician said that kids get really good at that task towards the age of two, but seeing the video reminded me that I should continue encouraging LO to scoop his food and guide his hand towards his plate. Tomorrow I’ll try that with his salad.

Another skill I want to encourage is for LO to drink from a cup. The first step I need to do is actually buy some cups for him to drink from!

I would also like to try giving LO a sandwich cut into quarters and have him eat it the way adults do. I can make him a cheese sandwich or peanut butter sandwich and have him eat it with his own hands. Right now, we still cut them up into bite size pieces, place it on a fork, and hand him the fork.

Today I showed him how to wipe windows. We each had a rag, and I would spray the window and show him how to wipe it. He got the hang of it, but unfortunately he was more interested in the actual cleaner that was sprayed on the window! Don’t worry, the cleaners were all earth-friendly.


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