Another stressful Mother’s Day

Unfortunately, LO’s good mood from San Diego did not extend through Sunday, Mother’s Day. While the early part of the day went smoothly, with us going to the farmer’s market as usual, the rest of the day wasn’t exactly a restful day for the mama. For one thing, LO didn’t want to take his morning nap and instead wanted to keep playing. He eventually did go to sleep, but not without some tears. He even slept long—about an hour and a half. But when he woke up, he was yelling and screaming. I could only assume that he had a nightmare, and in that nightmare, we had scolded him, because that’s how badly he was crying.

Eventually he settled down, and off we go to my mom’s first. Normally he likes going there because the set up of the house allows him to run around and have plenty of space to do so. But when we got there, it was a full house since extra relatives were celebrating the holiday with us. This meant that not only did LO not have the space he normally does to run around, but there were more people to contend with.

He was okay for a little bit, but then he started opening the closing the sliding door. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but the door was so heavy that he really couldn’t push it himself, and he was getting frustrated, even if people were helping him. He was at the point where everything was frustrating him. I had to remove him from the sliding doors and try to distract him with other things, but only a walk around the block calmed him down. I was hoping he’d be better once we came back, but he was still cranky, even though his dad let him play with the cabinets in the kitchen.

We ended up leaving, with my husband dropping us off at the house and going to his mom’s alone instead. If LO was that bad at my mom’s, he was bound to be even worse at his grandma’s.

Some lessons learned:

  • Bring active toys for LO to play with to get his energy expelled, such as balls, balloons, pounding toys
  • Pick your battles, even if it means doing whatever it takes to keep him happy

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