Can you hear me now?

We drove a whole hour to the audiology center so that LO can have his hearing tested. While not required, the test is highly recommended to rule out the possibility of a hearing problem as a reason for his speech delay. Being that he squirmed, yelled, and threw a fit at the doctor’s office on Friday, we didn’t have high hopes for LO sitting still for the hearing test today.

But he actually did! The audiologist did a great job in warming him up to the tools and techniques she needed to use. At one point, he cried because we had to take away a school bus he was playing with, but he quickly quieted down when he saw other toys. We used that opportunity to sit with him in the hearing booth, where the doctor would say things on the microphone and see if LO would react and turn his head towards the sound. She would lower the volume to see if he could hear even at low settings. She also asked him to touch his eyes, nose, mouth, etc. to see if he can hear and follow instructions.

The next test involved holding a tool in his ear for a few seconds, and the last test was more complicated in that he had to keep an earphone-looking tool in his ear for several seconds. I believe they measured his nerves and fluids. It took a few attempts but he sat still, thanks to snacks and the school bus.

After all the tests were done, the doctor said he passed with flying colors! Thankfully no hearing problems here, as I had expected and hoped for. We then called the center for the speech therapy. She screened our info and submitted our request for speech therapy, which we will have an answer by next week.


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