10 words…? or no words?

Does “go…go…go” count as a word for “go”? Does “away-away” count, and especially when he only says it after we say it? If imitation and rambling counts, then LO has seven words. If it doesn’t, then he has zero words. Thus far, he repeats “be” for “ube” and “tapay” for “tinapay,” but says neither as a means of identifying either ube or tinapay but only after hearing someone else say it. He also repeats, as mentioned, “go,” “away,” “mama,” “daddy,” and “no.”

Even if we give him credit for those words, it’s nowhere near where he needs to be (around 20 words minimum). He needs plenty of catching up because by the 2-year-old mark, he needs to be speaking HUNDREDS of words, averaging three to four new words a DAY. We’ve got our work cut out for us.

That’s why we’re seeking out speech therapy along with a hearing test. I’m not looking forward to the hearing test because 1) we have to drive one hour to get there, and 2) I’m doubtful that he will even keep quiet long enough for them to administer the test. Talk about a waste of a day off.

I AM looking forward to the speech therapy. We still have to schedule the sessions, which could take months to get it started. In the meantime, we have to keep working with LO to get him to speak.


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