Our weekend

Some highlights from the weekend:

LO got bit by a cat 😦 He accidentally stepped on his aunt’s (sleeping) cat’s foot, and the cat reacted. Thankfully there doesn’t seem to be an infection. The doctor said we were find with just washing the area with soap and water.

He ate so much! He kept asking for more food, and he even ate my mom’s chicken curry for lunch and yellowfish for dinner.

He ran around and around the house chasing his six-year-old cousin. At first he would be chasing her, but she would gain the lead and end up chasing him instead!

He was scared of dipping his feet in the pool, but was perfectly content lounging on me. He was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses which he insisted on keeping low over his face. Any time we would try to pry the cap off or at least lift it up higher, he would pull it over his eyes again. He must have liked relaxing with his eyes covered!

He copies more and more sounds, like go, and in fact says “go ga” a few times. We try to encourage him to use his words and sounds instead of grunting. So whenever he grunts, we say, “use your words” and he’ll usually say a sound in lieu of the grunt, even if it doesn’t sound close to what he was grunting about (he especially says “da” a lot).

He’s finally over his cold. He still has a lingering cough, but nothing major.


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