And then there was one

LO is starting to transition to one nap now. My days are over!

The past few days, he’s been skipping his morning nap. Today, we put him down at 11am, hoping he would nap two whole hours. No such luck—in fact he napped just a little under an hour. Since he woke up at noon already though, we couldn’t really put him down again at 4pm, only to wake up at 5pm and have a mere two hours of awake time before sleeping for the night.

Ideally, I’d love for him to sleep from noon to 2pm, but I have a feeling this one will only give me a break for one hour each day.

I remember when he would be awake no longer than 1.5 to two hours at a time. That meant four or even five naps a day! How did it get down to just one?! Let’s hope he extends the nap as long as he can.


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