My mom and sister visit for the weekend

My husband was away during the weekend, which provided a great excuse to have my mom sleep over the weekend and keep us company! I’m so glad she did. LO (“little one”) was in such a great mood the whole time and loved having his Lola over.

She came over Saturday morning, and after LO’s nap, we drove to a local park with a recycling bin. It allowed me to cross an errand off my list, and provided us with a chance to play during the beautiful weather.

We came home and my sister “S” visited us too! We went to the mall so that Lola can buy LO his shoes. His current shoes were a size 5.5 and it turns out his feet are now a size 6! And we weren’t even late this time! During the mall trip, S and I had our eyebrows threaded (S for the first time!). And here’s the cool thing: LO sat in his new stroller patiently throughout the whole mall trip, even during the threading! He complained at the end, which was our cue to leave, but I was so surprised that he was able to last so long.

At night, Daddy called in and I put him on speaker phone so that he can read a story to LO before his bath. Then after his bath, my sister read to him in lieu of Daddy while I dressed him for sleep.

We started off our next day with our traditional pancake breakfast, this time with Lola instead of Daddy. Then it was off to the farmers market. This time, LO did not do so well in the stroller, but I think it was because he wanted to keep sampling all the fruits and breads.

During his nap, I headed off to the grocery to finish off what we couldn’t find at the market. LO woke up, had his lunch, and we went back to the mall, but this time we took the bus! LO has been pointing out buses for a while now, and even though he had ridden in one when he was eight months old, I thought it would be fun to take him again. The bus we rode on unfortunately had those stickers on the windows where you couldn’t really see out of the windows, so he was scared for about half the ride (thankfully it was a short five minute ride). Lola ran her errand at the mall, and we checked our watches. “What time is the next bus?” Lola asked.

“1:04,” I said. “It’s one o’clock right now.”

“What time is the next bus after 1:04?” she asked.

“1:34.” Yikes, we were not planning on waiting 30 minutes. So we literally ran through Macy’s and out the parking lot all the way to the bus stop. As we were running, we saw our bus heading over. Faster we went! We literally made it in the nick of time. This time, the bus had clear windows, so LO was peering out of it with more fascination than the first bus.

LO took his afternoon nap and woke up grumpy. But when I carried him out to say good-bye to Lola, he smiled his wrinkled smile when he saw her. That didn’t last long though because, after goodbye hugs and kisses, Lola left, and LO cried hard! Thankfully he was able to calm down, and for the rest of the evening he just sat on my lap and read, and he ate his dinner and was pretty low key.

Thanks Mom for giving us a great weekend! You came loaded with food and love. LO loved your visit and I’m so glad he was able to bond with you like when he was a newborn and you stayed with us. Thanks sister S for visiting us! LO had an extra play mate to make faces at and another person to read books with. We love you both!


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