California Science Center

We just returned home from the California Science Center. While the museum was catered towards pre-school and elementary-school aged kids, there was plenty for him to observe. He enjoyed looking at fish, whether they were swimming in an aquarium, or over an enormous tunnel where you can pass through and see them swimming all around you. He would also press this button that would shoot a rocket straight up in the air. The only trouble was that the rocket shot off so fast that it would startle him and make him cry. That still didn’t keep him from pressing the button, though! So it was a lot of “press the button…cry…press the button anyway…cry again…”

Each area had a discovery room for children age three and under. This gave him the opportunity to play with toys suitable for his age. The toys themselves didn’t have much to do with the rest of the museum, unfortunately, but at least he got to play.

I wanted to do something today despite the heavy downpour, so a museum turned out to be a nice rainy-day alternative to staying at home!


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