Bear suit

I wish I knew the magic of his bear suit pajama several months ago. We never dressed him in it in the past because it felt too warm. One night though, we ran out of regular pajamas, so we dressed him in a t-shirt and shorts and covered him with the bear suit. Ever since then, he had been sleeping in; first until his regular wake up time (he would get in the nasty habit of waking up at 6am instead of 6:30), then miraculously, all the way up to 7:20am.

Here’s the real magic though: yesterday I tried it for his naps, those naps that never seem to last for more than 45 minutes. Well… with the bear suit, he slept for a whole hour and a half! For his second nap, we even had to wake him up because it was getting close to 5pm and we didn’t want him sleeping so close to bedtime. Today gave me the same results, too.

The downside is that he sweats even more during naps. I think it’s because he doesn’t really toss and turn when he’s napping as he does when he’s sleeping for the night. Staying warm definitely extends his sleeping though.


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