Pearly whites

This is a long overdue post, considering that I should have announced it several weeks ago, but here it is… he has teeth! After twelve months and one week, the little guy now has teeth.

I had been checking his bottom gums since they’ve been bumpy, and they also tend to make their debut before the uppers. So it was quite a surprise when he tilted his head back and flashed two pearly whites on his upper gums. And just today, one bottom tooth finally peeked through.

I can’t even remember the countless of times he fussed and I would say, “he’s teething” and no teeth would show. Another fussy episode would pass, and again I would say, “okay this MUST be teething,” yet still no teeth would poke through. After a while I got tired of blaming it on his teeth.

That is, until the fiasco a few weeks back when, for about half an hour or so, he was inconsolable. Nothing that normally soothes him worked; not looking out the window, not swaying to music, not even his fire truck (which, to its credit, bought us about 30 seconds of calm before he erupted in screaming again). A quick trip outside to the sidewalk finally calmed him down. I had never seen him that frantic.

I can’t believe we’ll have similar episodes for each and every tooth that needs to burst through his gums. They even get worse once it’s the molars too.

At least I can finally say that he has teeth. People were always shocked to hear that he hadn’t gotten any, considering that he’d been displaying the symptoms since he was two months old.


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