Now that he’s a year old, we’ve introduced cow’s milk gradually. You know what that means: no more pumping for me! Well, I still have to pump a little bit, but in the end, he’ll be completely on cow’s milk and no more needing to pump at work.

Sadly, I think he’s weaning himself from his bedtime milk. Last night, he didn’t even want to drink any milk; he kept sitting up and looking around. He probably just wanted to go to sleep already.

Tomorrow I’m going to try having him on a new schedule:

6:30am breakfast and milk
9am first snack
9:30am first nap
12pm lunch and milk
2pm second nap
3pm second snack
6pm dinner and milk
7:15pm bath
7:30pm bed time

That way he’s drinking his milk with his main meals, as opposed to being a “meal” in itself.


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