Some more updates

I haven’t written in a while, and that’s not to say it’s been quiet. He’s been doing quite a bit. He’s finally clapping his hands together. He’s been throwing balls (among many other things) around the room. He says “dada” discriminately. And of course walking around the room (so much so that he hardly crawls anymore).

A game of help
We had a fun little communication episode two nights ago. He was playing with his red ball, throwing it around, and once in a while the ball would roll under our bed. Most of the time he was able to stick his arm underneath and reach the ball, but other times the ball was just too far out of his reach. I would then step in and move the ball closer so that he could reach it.

After a while, the game turned from throwing the ball to “let’s roll it under the ball and get mommy to help me.” At one point, I didn’t roll the ball from under the bed, so he grabbed my pants and pulled it towards the ball, as if pulling me and telling me, Help please!

Since he’s turning one soon, I’ve started plotting out the weaning process. I can’t wait to stop pumping! I don’t mind breast feeding so much, but I am definitely looking forward to storing my pump for good! I’d love to have real breaks at work again, and not have to pump at nights in order to make up my storage of milk.

Birthday party
After months of pre-planning, his party’s almost here! Since I’ve already gotten most things taken care of, there’s really not much to manage other than just making sure to bring everything that day. I’m excited to see everyone, and to see everyone together, including so many people I haven’t seen in a while. And thankfully, after days of rain, the forecast predicts a sunny and dry birthday.


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