I started my own mommy group

I attended four mommy meetups, and on all but one of them, the other kids were either too old or too young for my boy to interact with. So I started my own mommy group, tailored specifically for Fall 2009 babies so that he can have other kids much closer to his age. I didn’t know if anyone would join, considering how specific my group was (specific to a location and to a narrow age range). But nine other moms actually joined! Okay, one of them is someone I already knew, but that’s still a lot more than I was expecting.

Who’s to say though that they’ll actually attend the meetups. I’ve scheduled four, and two moms RSVP’d for the first one, and my friend RSVP’d for one of them, so technically I have two meetups set to happen. I want to make the group as active as possible—uploading pictures, encouraging discussions on the forums, scheduling meetups that the members suggest. I’m looking forward to the first meetup and hope that it’ll grow from there.


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