He understands me!

Yesterday I was playing with him and had his books spread out on the floor. Out of curiosity, I said, “Where’s ‘Farm Friends’?” to see if he would actually recognize the name as well as pinpoint the book that the name belongs to. Well, to my delight, he did! He grabbed “Farm Friends” and looked up at me.

I did the same with other books: “Where’s ‘Trucks’?… Where’s ‘Brown Bear’?” With the exception of “Dear Zoo,” (he picked up “Good Night Moon” instead), he got them all right! And to his credit, “Dear Zoo” was behind him.

I tried it again this morning. This time I laid out four books in a row in front of him, trying not to give any particular book an advantage by being easier to grab. “Where’s ‘In the Garden’?… Where’s ‘Zoom’?… Where’s ‘First Words’?… Where’s ‘Birthday Monsters’?” And he got them all right! He would look at me, scan the books (you could see his head turning left and right as he scanned all four of them), pick up the correct book, then finally look at me. Amazing!

This might also explain why he seems to fuss more whenever I tell him he can’t do something he wants to do, like touch the fan or bang on the walls (and disturb the neighbors). Before, I would tell him no, and I thought he was so obedient because he would stop and even sometimes check to see if what he was doing was allowed.

Not this time. I wouldn’t even say the actual word “no” but he would already know that I was disciplining him. And sometimes I don’t even talk in a stern voice; I’m just letting him know not to bang on the walls, but he’s already fussing. Could it be that he actually understands what we’re saying to him?


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