What is it with mean kids?

I should just stop taking him to the library because it seems like that’s where all the mean kids hang out.

We hung out there this morning, where a mom and a two year old girl were already playing. Anything, and I mean anything, that he touched, the little girl would grab. And not in a nice way; she would just yank it out of his hands. She would rip out the carpet that he was crawling on if she could.

The mom explained that she was in the “mine” stage. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but it really irked me when he cried twice because the little girl grabbed something away from him. And it’s not like she was playing with it first; he was playing with the toy first and she’d walk over and just grab it from him. The mom kept explaining to her that this was the library’s, and that she thinks everything’s hers even though it isn’t. And yes, I’ve read dozens of developmental books that say children don’t have the concept of possessions yet; that they literally believe everything in their sight is theirs.

But still! The most heartbreaking part is that he was so friendly to them. The minute he saw them, he smiled a big grin and laughed. He even toddled over to the mom to say hi. And what happens? The little girl made him cry twice. I couldn’t wait until they left.

Is there something I need to be doing to prevent him from crying when that happens to him? Do I need to teach him to stick up for the items he’s playing with and get them back when someone takes them from him? He’s probably too young but I still wonder if I need to be doing something to instill that in him.


One thought on “What is it with mean kids?

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