Random cuteness

I figured I need to jot down the cute things he does before they escape my memory. So here goes:

Dance, dance, dance!
It all started with me cooking and he standing nearby hanging onto the safety gates that kept him outside the kitchen. I was making pancakes and whisking the batter while saying “Whisk, whisk, whisk!” and dancing to my own beat. He took that as his cue to start dancing too, and he would bend his legs up and down while holding onto the gates. Now, I substitute whisking for dancing, and whenever I see him standing, whether holding onto the gates, his crib rails or the balcony sliding door, I just say “Dance, dance, dance!” and he’ll start dancing.

This is a new one that emerged just today. He was sitting in his high chair, and he raised his open palm up and was looking at it. I took my hand and gave him a high-five. Now, whenever I raise my hand to him and say “High-five,” he’ll press his palm against mine and give me one back!

Skateboarding on books
On his hands and knees, he’ll place his hands on a book and slide his way across the room.

He copies our little sounds, whether it’s short grunts, long “weeeee’s” or coughing.


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