Baby steps

The little guy, his dad and I sat in the park today, in our usual spot under the shade of a tree. While his parents were deep in conversation about the proper construction of a baby shoe, he was squatting down looking at his finger puppet. Then, in one motion, he pulls himself up to standing position and takes his first steps towards me! Baby steps, but steps indeed.

He had been taking steps here and there, but mostly while hanging onto something like a coffee table. From there, he would lunge himself forward, letting his feet catch up to him as needed, before landing on us. Today was different though. He actually took purposeful steps with his legs. He’s also been balancing a lot more, where he just stands all by himself for several seconds, usually engrossed in some object in his hand.

Congrats to the little guy for finally taking his first steps! My baby’s all grown up. Sort of.


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