A laughing matter

He’s in such a fun stage right now. This afternoon, we would literally just sit and laugh. We were reading “Ten, Night Eight,” and whenever we’d get to number four and onward, he would start cracking up! And of course I crack up because he’s cracking up. The ironic part is that the book is supposed to be a bedtime book, and here he is laughing it up!

He’s also very “lambing,” as we say in Tagalog, meaning very affectionate. He’ll go up to me and give me a “smelling kiss,” the kind of kiss where you breathe in while puckering up, often attributed to grandmas. He does that a lot with his lovey too, and pretty much anything that’s soft and plush, from stuffed toys to blankets to pillows.

I am just really loving parenthood right now.


2 thoughts on “A laughing matter

  1. I can really see how much you enjoy him – I am amazed even at how you enjoy cooking his food. You’re a good mom. Glad you’re enjoying this experience.

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