“Again, again!”

I was reading with him yesterday and noticed that whenever we were on the last page of any book, he would smack his hand on the page. I thought it was neat how he recognized the last page of every book, but thought nothing more of it. Instead I would just set the book down and let him choose another book. It usually ended up being the same books over and over, but I didn’t put two and two together.

Later that evening, his dad was reading with him and said that he said “Geh!” whenever they’re on the last page. I again noticed the hand smacking, and realized that he was saying “Again!” and wanted to read it over! I didn’t notice whether he had said “Geh!” when I was reading with him earlier, but he was definitely smacking his hand on the page.

He wouldn’t always smack the page or say “Geh!’ with all the books. There are some where he just politely keeps his arms down and waits for the next one. But the ones he really likes—and right now it’s his four library books—he smacks the page and usually squeals as well.

It’s amazing the way babies communicate with us. It’s just a matter or observing and noticing common things they do.


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