More mom meet ups

I went to my third meet up this morning. This one was a smaller group; only four of us moms came, but they were all very nice and had great kids. We played in the sandbox, and he got to scoop some sand using one of the toys the kids lent him (or rather, the kid’s mom).

I’m hoping that hanging out with kids will help him develop his social skills, as well as expose him to things that other kids are doing. For instance, whenever he sees the 11-month-old up and walking, it just might motivate him to want to “be like the big kids” and attempt to walk himself.

I befriended one of the moms from the second meet up I went to and today we met up again, this time at the park. The boys are so cute because they’re really interacting with each other, whether it’s physically batting at each other, or even watching each other. He was crawling so far away; he would crawl a good 15 feet away from us towards a tree, plop himself down and pick up the leaves and grab the grass.


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