He fed himself

“By the way, he fed himself some bread today.”

That was my husband’s way of casually mentioning a milestone I’ve been looking out for for a while. So today I got to see this in action: he grabbed some pieces of bread and put it in his mouth! As with most milestones, it’s more of a process instead of an overnight transformation (translation: most of the bread ended up on the floor instead of in his mouth), but at least he got to practice.

For lunch time, I gave him spaghetti, and inspired by the advice of one of the moms in the mom group, I squished up chunks of the spaghetti and offered it to him on his tray instead of on a spoon. I would hand him some chunks, he’d take it in his hands, and bring it to his mouth. Like with the bread, most of it ended up on the floor; unlike the bread, this one had spaghetti sauce. And of course he decided to run his dirty hands through his hair and along the back of the chair. The mess was worth it, though. It’s good for him to practice this skill.


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