My dream home

We live in a one-bedroom apartment right now—perfect for my husband and me, but not so perfect with the little guy in the mix. His dad and I moved in together a few months before getting married, so a two-bedroom didn’t make sense at that point. We didn’t know exactly when we’d have kids, and even if we did, I genuinely believed that we’d be okay in a one-bedroom while the baby was still small.

Now though, I wish we were in a two-bedroom. We thought about moving to a new apartment, but figured that since we’re close to our down payment goal, we would just stick it out here until we can move to own. Moving sucks, it’s expensive, and big changes like that aren’t very good for babies and kids. So here we are.

That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about my dream home. When I was younger and oblivious to home ownership, my dream house was a bit more different: I wanted a pool, a library, and a huge garden. Now, with a baby on board, the priorities have switched just a tad:

Ideally I’d like a single family house, but I would be okay with a townhouse, and would rather avoid a condo if we could help it. We have a neighbor upstairs who is so loud, is up at 3am and stomps around like he’s a giant. He swings his closet door open and close enough for everyone, including the baby, to wake up.

I’d like a garage attached to our home. We travel so heavily now, what with all of his stuff, and inadvertently we leave some stuff in the car. I would like to be able to grab these things in the garage while not having to tote him around or worse, feel like I can’t get to my car because I’m watching him.

I’d like our own washing machine and dryer. Right now we do laundry either when we’re both home, or at nights when he’s asleep. We’ve also devised some clever means to get both him and bags of laundry down two sets of stairs to our laundry, including laying him down flat on his stroller and plopping a hamper on top of him. Ugh, never again.

I want a three-bedroom home. When he born I swore I’d never have another kid, but I think that was the new mom speaking in me. Now that I’m open to baby #2, I want each of them to have their own room. I think kids sharing a room is great; infants sharing a room is not. Even if the second baby is a boy, I can’t imagine subjecting him to his younger sibling’s every-two-hour wake ups. Nor will I allow his dad and I to share a room with an infant again. Thankfully he’s now sleeping well at nights and doesn’t really wake up whenever we go in the room, but it would be nice to be able to just have our own room.

And it would be nice to have our own room with our own bathroom. Right now I feel like I have to contain every little noise in the bathroom, from opening the shower door to gently setting down my hair straightener so as to not make a noise on the counter.

Ditto with the kitchen. I’d like the kitchen to be far away enough from the kids’ rooms so that I can clamor in there the way I used to and not have to chop one slice a minute because I’m scared the noise will wake them up from their naps.

Everything else goes without saying: I’d like a home in a safe neighborhood that I can walk around with comfortably and one with a good school nearby. We’re actually in a really nice area, since we have a park to walk to, a nice school and I’m always walking around safe and sound. If only we had the above mentioned, then it would be just great. We’re hanging in there though. I love where we live, and we adjust however way we need to. And we definitely don’t need a pool, or a library, or a huge garden (I can barely keep my outdoor plants alive now as it is).


4 thoughts on “My dream home

  1. This is a good time to buy – with interests being so low. Start seriously looking for your 3-bedroom. We can discuss this more.

  2. Ha ha, I love that you’re renegotiating on the pool and library of your childhood dream house, trading them in for the attached garage and in-home washer/dryer. Oh, grownups.

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