Mommy meet up, take two

I gave the mommy meet up group another chance, despite my initial experience, and I’m glad I did! This particular meet up was held conveniently in our local park, so he and I just walked over and met the group. And this time, the organizer was there, and she was friendly. She, along with another mom, even live nearby. To top it off, the other mom’s son is the same age as him! We now have an instant play date. We even exchanged numbers for unofficial meet ups or just to hang out. Both she and her son were very nice and I’m pretty excited about hanging out with someone walking distance to us.

The moms congregated according to their children’s ages. It’s  crazy how even two or three months make such a difference in age gaps. For instance, the mom of the 9 month old and I ended up talking the most since our sons were both the same age. Then two other boys, one who was 11 months and another who was 12 months, tended to hang out with each other, but in very close proximity to us 9-month-olds. Then there were newborns, who were pretty much cradled in their wraps the whole time, and then the big kids, who were over at the playground.

He stayed close to me for the most part, although on two occasions, he climbed up on a mom’s lap and plopped himself into a comfortable position there. The other instance, he crawled over to another standing mom and  pulled himself up on her legs.

He was playing with the other kids’ toys, and I like how he was able to interact with the kids. I was pretty much hands off. In fact when the other boy started to bat at him and grab his ear, I didn’t interfere, figuring that if he were truly bothered, he would probably complain. And if he was bothered, it would help him out more to figure out ways to deal with this sticky social situation. No complaints happened, though, and apparently that’s usually the case—that parents tend to interfere needlessly since kids tend to just drop it quickly.

Now that he has another play mate who’s the same age, of course the comparisons in my head are churning. “Every baby’s different,” I remind myself. But when I see the other baby clapping and feeding himself with his hands, I can’t help but worry that I’m not doing enough to help him along. I’m already planning on buying teething crackers that he can practice on. I even felt bad because when we got home, we practiced eating bread, and I put a piece in between his fingers and tried to guide it to his mouth. He was not pleased and got upset.

On the other hand, he’s also crawling and pulling up, while the other baby is still army-crawling and hasn’t pulled up yet. I figure that he is learning his gross motor skills early, whereas the other baby is learning his fine motor skills early. Every baby’s different!

Overall, I had a lot of fun and this is how I know: I didn’t want to leave. But it started to get cold so we had to head home. Til the next meet up!


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